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The services provided by Dr. Matt Baker at Baker Chiropractic & Rehab go far beyond spinal adjustment. We have helped diabetes patients and those suffering from obesity lose weight across the Maryville, MO, region.

Weight Loss Q & A

by Matthew Baker, D.C.

What is Baker Chiropractic & Rehab’s Weight Loss Program?

Baker Chiropractic & Rehab’s weight loss program helps Maryville, MO patients to achieve and maintain an ideal body weight. This program can eliminate joint and back pain, alleviate strain on bones and improve overall mobility while greatly reducing the chances for serious and deadly health conditions.

How Is Weight Related to Diabetes and Health?

While having a “body positive” culture is wonderful, there are real health-related dangers from being overweight. Obesity is an epidemic that can lead to problems such as heart disease, spinal problems, and diabetes.

How Are Chiropractic and Weight Loss Connected?

Chiropractors focus on a whole-body approach to health and wellness. They understand how vital maintaining a healthy weight is in reducing the risks of potentially deadly conditions. Being overweight puts a great deal of strain on the back, and can also lead to conditions such as diabetes which can further worsen the symptoms of many spinal conditions.

Because the practice is focused on achieving and maintaining maximum health and wellness in a natural and holistic way, managing weight is a core part of many treatment programs chiropractors develop for their patients.

What Are Holistic Approaches to Ideal Weight?

Good chiropractors avoid fad diets, supplements, surgery and chemical approaches to weight loss. The program at Baker Chiropractic & Rehab focuses on healthy, balanced eating combined with exercise tailored specifically to the patient.

A healthcare team will work with the patient every step of the way to encourage goal-setting and achievement and aid in the process of weight loss. By working hard and being diligent all patients can experience a healthy weight and an increased sense of well-being.

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